"Copyright 2015 - Thorpeland Photography"What is roller derby?

Originally a banked-track roller skating marathon started in the 1930’s, roller derby is now an excitingly fast-paced, full contact, international sport reborn in Austin,TX in the early 2000’s.

The game (commonly called a bout) is made up of two teams skating on an oval shaped, flat-track on quad roller skates.  Four blockers on each team form a pack whose goal is to keep their opponent’s jammer (the one with the star on his/her helmet) from breaking through the pack, while simultaneously allowing their own jammer to pass through and score points.  The jammer earns one point for each opponent he/she passes after their initial pass.

A bout consists of two 30 minute halves with one 15 minute intermission.  The bouters (players) skate for a 2 minute jam or until the lead jammer (first to make it out of the pack) calls off the jam, ending play and allowing 30 seconds for players to enter/exit the track for the next start of game play.

For a more detailed explanation, click here or check out the official WFTDA rulebook here.

Can I take photos at the bout?

You certainly can! Feel free to snap a shot of some of the action on the track or with one of your favorite skaters afterwards.

Where are the bouts?

Our home games will take place at Lone Star Indoor Sports and Events Center.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets will be available at the door for bouts.

What can I bring and not bring to a bout?

 We skate at a BYOChair facility, so don’t forget to bring your favorite lawn chair with you! 

Is it family friendly?

All roller derby events are definitely family friendly! We encourage roller derby as an event that the whole family can get involved in. And a bonus, kids 12 and under get into most bouts for free!

Is it fake?"Copyright 2015 - Thorpeland Photography"

Absolutely not! Our skaters train several days a week to improve their athletic skills, abilities and strategy. No fake fights or scripted bouts here!

How can I join?

Now that you’ve seen the action, are you thinking you want to do it too? Join our Rising Phoenixes training program! We can teach you everything you need to know. All skill levels are welcome. We even have some gear you can borrow as well. Email recruiting@northtexasrollerderby.com  to get started or check out our Get Involved page!

Not so sure that skating is for you? You can still get involved! We are always looking for non-skating officials (NSOs) and volunteers. Or maybe you want to skate without all that contact. Join Team Zebra! We’re always looking for new referees to add to our crew. Email training@northtexasrollerderby.com for more information.

I’m a visiting skater in town. Can I attend a practice?

For visiting skaters, please email training@northtexasrollerderby.com  to attend a practice. Our drop in fee is $5 per practice.

Our league wants to play your league? Who do I contact?

Please send an email to interleague@northtexasrollerderby.com